Glenn Wolters

Startup Founder, iOS Developer and Space Enthusiast.

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With over 500 thousand downloads,

Rototray - Collect moments

Our mission is to help you and your friends collect life's most precious moments and turn it into a beautiful overview of your life.

The best camera is the one that’s with you. And the moments you capture with it are waiting to get out. Rototray for iPhone helps getting those moments to the right people — your friends and your family. The people you were with.

Rototray Website

Lifelapse - Relive your life

Lifelapse is a new way to capture your life and relive all your events and experiences.

Lifelapse captures your life by taking a picture every 30 seconds and lets you share it through a one-minute video. Remember what you were doing, seeing and sometimes even feeling with Lifelapse for iPhone.

Lifelapse Website

Mobypicture for iPhone

Mobypicture for iPhone is a full featured Mobypicture client for the iPhone that allows you to follow your friends' adventures in real-time.

Mobypicture on the App Store


Schiphol is a multi-award winning iPhone client for the Dutch airport Schiphol. Stay up to date with your flight information, even before the pilot knows.

Schiphol on the App Store

Tik 'm aan

With over 250 thousand downloads in the Netherlands alone, Tik 'm aan shows the potential of show specific apps for the TV world.

Tik 'm aan on the App Store